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YourTeacher Aims to Help Flip Math Classes with iBooks

In the article, YourTeacher Aims to Help Flip Math Classes with iBooks, this discusses how iBook textbooks from YourTeacher have been published for math teachers and the use of them in classrooms. It is a new way for teachers to teach in their classrooms. They flip their classroom so that a teacher spend more time interacting in a hands-on way with students instead of lecturing everyday during a whole class. The iBook is used so students watch examples for the lesson outside of class and then answer self-test questions after seeing the examples. For class the next day, instead of lecturing and teaching the lesson, there is class discussion and activities from the examples and concepts viewed on the iBook the previous day. The iBook includes useful tools such as whiteboard videos, practice problems, and multiple-choice self-tests. Also, all iBooks are able to be purchased through Apple stores and many teachers have recommended iBooks. They have seen improvement in their classrooms from using iBooks and using the flip classroom method. Students are engaging more in discussions and understanding lessons better. iBooks are aimed at middle school, high school, and college students to make math easier to learn.

Q1. What is your opinion of the issue in the article? Agree or disagree? Why?

My opinion of the issue stated in this article is that it is a great idea for many teachers to look into. From a college student perspective, I have sat middle school through college in classrooms constantly being lectured without any activities or student engagement involved. I do not learn as much as I should because I am always losing focus during a lecture. These iBooks would be a great investment for teachers and professors to include in their classrooms to keep students engaged and interested in lessons. I would definitely recommend this to teachers.

Q2. How will the issue help or hinder your teaching practice? Why?

The issue will help my teaching practice because if I taught at a higher level I could incorporate iBooks into my classroom learning with math. Students struggle with math often and it is a very hard subject to understand. With iBooks, using examples outside of class will help the students learn even when they are not in school. The next day, the lesson can be discussed briefly and there will be class discussion and activities to help enforce the concepts that were previously covered the night before. I feel like this would help the students’ learning and I would see improvements in grades and the understanding of math.


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