Blog #3


How to Get Hesitant Teachers to Use Technology

In the article, How to Get Hesitant Teachers to Use Technology, it discusses how the different ways to approach educators on introducing them to new technology within their classroom. Educators who have a successful classroom are likely to not want to adopt new technology because of how well their classroom is already doing. When trying to get a veteran teacher to change their curriculum do not try to fix or change anything about their teaching. They will feel as if their teaching strategies are being criticized or threatened. Instead, observe them in their classroom environment and offer suggestions on new technology that would be useful for a lesson. As you ease into this conversation with them, they will feel more comfortable talking about new technology. Also, always be willing to accommodate to teacher’s technology wants and needs. If a teacher needs something for their classroom, they will reach out for help, and you should always be willing to help meet their requests. For example, do not dismiss any of their ideas if they want to use a different internet server. Instead, go with it and let them play and get used to the server. An educator will never seek help if they feel they are being judged. If you want to introduce new technology to teachers, the end of the year is the best time. Teachers have the whole summer to play and get used to the new devices. Always provide them with easy, user-friendly technology to use. If a tool doesn’t work or is difficult to use, a teacher will not want to use it. Many educators do not want to use new technology due to how much schools have changed and base education all off tests. Technology is risky because students may not learn as well with this. If introducing new technology, always be professional, understanding, and willing to meets the needs of teachers to help ease them into new technology.

Q1. What is your opinion of the issue in the article? Agree or disagree? Why?

My opinion of this article is that all of its ideas are true. If I had new technology forced onto me, I would not be willing to use it. IT would intimidate me. All the steps and ideas to help hesitant teachers use technology are great. I think they would all work and are important for hesitant teachers to read as well. This is a super helpful blog and has very effective techniques to use for teachers.

Q2. How will the issue help or hinder your teaching practice? Why?

This issue will help my teaching practice because if I’m weary about new technology I can look at these helpful hints or steps for my own classroom and ease myself into new technology. Also, if any of my coworkers are scared about new technology or hesitant, this would be great for myself or administrators to look back at and use these techniques on the hesitant teachers in the building. It shows how not to force technology on teachers and how to introduce it in a friendly manner.


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