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Racing the iPad in K12 Education

The article titled Racing the iPad in K12 Education, discusses how iPads have been the popular device for many educators. For many businesses, such as Google, Samsung, Lenoro, Dell, and CDI, these are competing against Apple with their electronics. They are manufacturing electronics that are better than Apple’s iPad. These devices have easy content entry, long battery life, price affordability, and safe transferability that the iPad does not offer. For example, Google is manufacturing Chromebooks to compete with Apple for education devices. These are like mini laptops with an external keyboard. It gives teachers, students, and administrators easy access to students’ work. To compete with Apple, Chromebooks are made to outlast the iPad’s defects or shortcomings. Plus, the Chromebooks are affordable. Along with Google, Dell is making a Latitude 10 tablet, CDI has UnoBook, the MonkeyTab and Amplify Tablet. It will not be easy to top the iPad with all its apps beneficial to K-12 students and teachers. Many teachers even use iPads to access homework, and other apps so students can do work at home. With Apple’s popularity and marketing, competitors such as Google, may have a hard time competing with Apple and the iPad.

Q1. What is your opinion of the issue in the article? Agree or disagree? Why?

My opinion of the article, Racing the iPad in K12 Education is that I agree with these issues. Since the iPad was developed first by Apple, everyone rushed out to purchase an iPad. iPad’s are extremely useful and beneficial to schools and students’ education. The apps offered are great and extremely helpful to students as well as teachers. Unfortunately, because of other electronics similar to the iPad being produced, these devices do have more apps and affordability than Apple’s iPad. To compete against Apple may be difficult because of how worldwide and popular Apple is with its electronics. These other companies will really have to put their products out on the market to compete with Apple.

Q2. What examples of issues have you observed in your own experience?

I have owned an iPad for two years. I  use it for quite a lot of apps, homework, and games. I agree that the iPad is extremely expensive compared to the other competitors electronics. Also, the battery life compared to other devices from Google and competitors dies very fast. I keep my iPad charging a lot and the battery holds up well, but if I use it online, the battery dies extremely fast.


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