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Online courses need human element to educate


The article titled Online courses need human element to educate, discusses how online courses taken at universities are not teaching students and adults what classrooms would teach. Recently, because of the outrageous prices for college many are not willing to send their children unless they can afford it and have a credit card with easy access to spending. These online courses at college require hundreds of dollars without the full college experience. These courses do not compare to the classroom environment and experience. Also, computers are not necessary for most subjects or courses taught in colleges. They are only necessary when it is a class regarding teaching or programming computers. When teachers or students spend much of their time on computers and presenting from computers everything turns out robotic and stiff. It is more human and interesting in a college course when you present in front of others and use hands-on techniques. Finally, education will never be taught in silence or isolation. You always need hands-on experience, collaboration, and relationships with people learning the same criteria in a classroom. The outcome in classrooms compared to online courses is vast and proves to show that we need humans and people in classrooms to help succeed in education. Although online courses are a great idea and more convenient, the classroom experience with peers is much more effective.


Q1. What is your opinion of the issue in the article? Agree or disagree? Why?


I  agree with the issues stated in this article. Unfortunately, due to the increasing raise in college tuition and fees parents and families are not able to pay the prices to send their children to college.  Since online courses are offered, this is the most affordable way to let their children receive a college education. The students who only take online courses do not receive the classroom experience with teachers and peers. They learn more in a classroom with classmates than a computer than a robotic monotone voice and isolation.


Q2. How will the issue help or hinder your teaching practice? Why?


This issue will help my teaching practice in many ways.  It shows that I should not rely on the computer to teach and instruct my class. I should organize lesson plans to involve my students. I should only use the computer when necessary for emails, attendance, and grades. My classroom will be teacher-centered with students always involved that way I can make learning as easy and fun as possible for them. I want them to succeed in my classroom because I helped make a difference in their education and not through a computer.


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